Virushka to covid-19 kites made on every theme selling on Makar Sankranti in gujrat see photos


From Virushka to Kovid-19, kites made on every theme sold on Makar Sankranti


People fly kites across the country on the occasion of Mankar Sankranti. This tradition of flying kites is celebrated most by the people of Gujarat on the day of Mankar Sankranti. In such a situation, colorful kites are seen everywhere in the markets. Talking about Rajkot in Gujarat, a lot of new kites and new varieties are being seen in the market here. It is possible if Modi is there, wear a mask to defeat the coronavirus and the kites based on the pictures of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are seen.

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Rajni Patel, a shopkeeper, told ANI on Sunday, this year more than 1,500 varieties of kites are in the market. Like every year, this time also, there is more demand for kites with pictures of PM Modi, along with koronovirus themed kites. “Kites with PM Modi, Coronavirus and Virat Anushka are also selling kites with animated characters and superheroes in the market.”


A customer who came to buy kites for the festival said, “I think this will be the best festival due to the Sankranti epidemic, because we were all confined to our homes. But now the government has given us permission to celebrate it and I am very Excited. “

Every year, Uttarayan festival is celebrated in Gujarat, which is known as the festival of kites on 14 January. This festival is dedicated to the Sun God. Many cities of Gujarat organize kite competition among their citizens, where people compete with each other.


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