Viral Video Girl Gives Flying Kiss While Traveling On Train Kid Gives Awesome Reaction


Viral Video: The girl gave a flying kiss in the train, the child placed her hand on her face and then …

On social media, the cute video of a girl and a child (Viral Video) is going viral, which will also bring a smile on your face. In the video, the girl is sitting in a train and a cute little child is sitting behind her. She gives flying kisses to children. On seeing this, the child is blushing and puts his hands on the mouth. Then the girl takes out her tongue and teases. The child then starts laughing out of the tongue.

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This video has been shared on Twitter by a user named Niharika Dutt. Also, the caption reads, 'Today's cutest video on the Internet.' In the video, it can be seen that the girl turns on the front camera of the phone and gives such expressions while shooting that the child is blushing.

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Niharika shared this video on September 13, which has so far garnered 1.7 lakh views. Also, more than 18 thousand likes and 3 thousand re-tweets have been done. People found this video quite cute. Users have given such reactions …


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