Viral Video Elephant Enjoys Delicious Fruity Meal In People Loves It

A lot of fruits were kept to eat in front of the elephant, so it got confused, started doing such an act

Well-known animal lover Jay Brewer has posted a video on Instagram. Jay often posts videos related to snakes, but this time he has posted a funny video of an elephant. The name of this elephant is Bubbles. This is an African elephant that was separated from its parents at a very young age. After this Dr. Bhagavan Antle had adopted it. Dr. Antle is a famous animal trainer.

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very interesting video

This video posted on Brewer’s Instagram account is very interesting. In the video, two big pumpkins, watermelon and banana are placed in front of the bubbles. The elephant seen in the video eats bananas comfortably. After this, he lifts the watermelon with his trunk and puts it in his mouth, but the size of the watermelon was very big, so the bubbles have to make a lot of effort to eat it. You might not have seen an elephant eating watermelon like this before.

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Elephant ‘confused’ after seeing food

The elephant appeared a little confused after seeing the food in the video. After eating bananas and watermelon, when there were only two pumpkins left. One of them was small in size and one big. The elephant first picks up the little pumpkin and tries to eat it but is unable to eat it even after trying hard. He then turns to the big pumpkin but is unable to lift him by the trunk. After this again he tries to pick up the little pumpkin and put it in his mouth. It is very interesting to watch this whole scene.

Brewer is known for snake videos

Brewer who posted this video is a well known animal lover. Brewer also runs a YouTube channel named JayPrehistoricPets, on which most of the snakes keep posting videos which are well-liked. Brewer’s channel currently has 1.83 million subscribers.

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