Viral video: Anil Ambani seen walking in Mahabaleshwar, order to close golf course – Anil Ambani, seen walking in Mahabaleshwar, closed the golf course when the video went viral


Maharashtra Corona Virus Cases are constantly increasing rapidly. (Symbolic)


Famous businessman Anil Ambani (Anil Ambani) Tourist Place in Mahabaleshwar Lockdown The video of him being found walking around has become viral. Surprised by this, the Satara Municipal Corporation has asked the private club to close the golf course. Anil Ambani reached Mahabaleshwar with wife Tina and children. Point to be noted is that Corona in Maharashtra Restrictions like lockdown were announced between 50 to 60 thousand cases received daily, on which the administration is taking strict stance.

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Sources said that recently Anil Ambani was seen walking in this golf course. Whereas in Maharashtra, all activities are restricted under lockdown-like situation. Anil Ambani had reached Mahabaleshwar with his wife Tina Ambani and children. Prabhavi Patil, the chief officer of Mahabaleshwar Council, warned that action would be taken under the epidemic management act, IPC and pandemic diseases law if the club does not prevent people from going for a walk in the morning or evening during the current prohibitions.

Patil said that the video of Anil Ambani’s walk with some family members in the field came on social media. After verifying the video, we issued a notice to ‘The Club’, the owner of the ground. He instructed to prevent people from coming there for a walk in the morning or evening. After issuing the notice, this ground has been closed and the entry of people has been banned.

This British-era golf course is in the midst of evergreen forest. However, an officer told that before restrictions were imposed like Ambani lockdown, Mahabaleshwar came and he was living in a bungalow here.


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