Viral Strawberry Biryani Pakistani Mans Strange Recipe Worked Up The Internet


Strawberry Biryani

New Delhi:

You must have seen many strange food combinations, after seeing which your mind may have been confused. One such recipe is going viral on the Internet. Which is named ‘Strawbiryani’ (Strabiryani).

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Be it Pakistan or India, Biryani is liked by people of both countries, but for the first time everyone is surprised to see strawberries in Biryani.

Let me tell you, a person from Pakistan has given his unique recipe for Biryani. Which includes strawberries. After creating this biryani, he shared on Twitter, wrote, “We made” Strobiryani “at home today and I am curious to know what Desi Twitter has to say about it.”

A Pakistani man named Saad of Islamabad made a large amount of biryani in a large pot and placed the strawberry on the top layer of the biryani. As soon as he tweeted, people started reacting immediately.

Let me tell you, multi-colored rice grains cooked with chicken or mutton are seen in the picture. Everything seems fine here, but then garnishing of bright red strawberries appears.

Some users made fun of biryani and compared it to viral recipes like burger ice cream and pineapple pizza.



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