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Jul 13, 2020, 05:52 AM IST

1. Horses are coming out of the stables…
Don't look at the picture you saw above, because smiles can also change in politics. The colors of 2018 have changed in 2020. The rebel-2 type situation has arrived in the Congress. It was not even four months after the rebellion of Scindia in Madhya Pradesh that similar attitude of Deputy CM Sachin Pilot started appearing in Rajasthan.

As soon as the conspiracy to topple Ashok Gehlot's government was revealed, within a day the pilot changed gears. He joined the role of fighter pilot and reached Delhi with 12 MLAs.

Amidst all this, it has to be believed that there is innovation in the statements of Congress leaders. First Ashok Gehlot connected the horse-trading of MLAs with Bakra Mandi. Now Kapil Sibal is talking about horse-stables. They are asking- "Will we wake up only after the horses have left the stables?" However, it is not understood whether they mean 'we' and 'stables' either from the Congress or the political system of the country?

Now some things that our reporters told …

  • FirstThe pro-pilot MLAs are angry after the Special Operation Group came to notice. He says that the government has crossed all limits and it is now impossible to work with Gehlot. MLAs have started questioning who is your chief minister?
  • The secondThe condition of Congress in Rajasthan is not as bad as Madhya Pradesh. The Congress has a tally of 107 in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly with 200 MLAs. BJP is at 72. The 13 MLAs who are with Gehlot government, even if they come with BJP, the figure reaches 85 only. At least 15 Congress MLAs leave their legislature and then all the MLAs of independents and other smaller parties join BJP, only then BJP government can be formed.

What will happen today?
CM Gehlot has called a meeting of the legislature party. With the presence of legislators engaged here, the situation can be cleared to a great extent.

2. Trump's Mask
The talk of the country happened above. Now let's go abroad. The news is from America. Trump is by far the most talked about president. Corona has been discussed worldwide since March, but Trump is seen wearing a mask for the first time in July. Once in May, at Ford's plant, his masks were photographed from afar. It came on social media, but could not be verified. After this, he openly opposed the mask.

Now after listening to what he has said after wearing the mask, his opponents will also be blushing. He said- "I was never against wearing a mask, but it is the right time and place to wear it." According to Trump, the right time to wear the mask has come.

3. Indian team will go to Australia in October
The Indian cricket team's tour of Australia is now confirmed, but the tour will not take place yet, it will be in October. The Indian team will then play three T20s in Australia. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly said that we have approved the tour. Now we want the quarantine period of the players to be reduced, because it will be very difficult to stay in the hotel room for two weeks. It will be depressing and dispointing for the players.

4. How will be the day today?
It is understood by both astrology and numerology. Astrology says that two auspicious yogas are being formed on Monday. With this, the day can be beneficial for the five zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius. The day is good for you in terms of investment. Those of Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn should be careful.

Numerology says that the date on Monday is 13 and its original number is 4. Today, those with 2 points can get benefit, those with 5 points can be tired. Right now Corona is going on, you will not want to go anywhere, yet the chances of traveling abroad for 8 digits are being made.

5. Three news related to today

  • 4 cities lockdown from today

Lockdown is going on in Pune and Thane in Maharashtra, Srinagar in Kashmir and Shillong in Meghalaya. Lockdown in Pune has become necessary because in 12 days of July, Corona cases have increased from 20 thousand to more than 28 thousand. There will be a full lockdown from Monday midnight to 23 July. There will be a lockdown till 19 July in Thane, 15 July in Shillong. The lockdown will start in the 68 Containment Zone of Srinagar from Monday. How long it will last is not clear.

  • Hearing in Vikas Dubey case can be held today

Recently, gangster Vikas Dubey had an encounter near Kanpur. The vehicle the police was taking him overturned. He was killed while trying to escape after the accident. A number of petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court seeking a probe from this CBI or SIT. They can be heard on Monday.

  • Google's product launch today

Google had a tweet on Saturday night. It said, "Take a deep breath and be prepared. Something special is coming this Monday. ”It is believed that Google may launch its smart speaker. Its virtual event will be streaming in India from 2 pm today. In this, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet can also speak.


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