vikas dubey killed in police encounter on his way to kanpur encounter raises questions – Vikas Dubey killed: now these important questions are being raised on the encounter after arrest of Kanpur resident


Vikas Dubey killed in a police encounter


A major dramatic end to the notorious gangster Vikas Dubey, the main accused in the murder of eight policemen a week ago in Kanpur, has come to the fore. On Friday morning, after almost a week, he was shot dead in a police encounter. Uttar Pradesh STF informed that Dubey was being brought from Ujjain to Kanpur. The police vehicle near Kanpur suddenly fell victim to the accident and overturned. The police claim that Vikas Dubey tried to escape by snatching his weapon during this time, after which the police had to encounter him.

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In the case of Vikas Dubey, the UP Police has conducted one encounter after another and questions were already being raised on his sudden arrest on Thursday. Now his encounter has created many different questions. Obviously, there will be a lot of stir on this too.

Encounter created many questions

– The police claim that Vikas Dubey ran 2-3 kilometers, was the police not able to run so far? How was the police preparing to bring such a notorious criminal from Ujjain to Kanpur?

– How was the police caught such a dreaded criminal that he was running away after snatching his weapon?

– Vikas Dubey was to be produced in court on Friday, when he knew that he was going to court, then why would he try to run away?

– Will the video be released by the police? Police has released a picture of the overturned vehicle, but will any video be released to authenticate the incident?

Was not the number of policemen who brought such a big criminal and the dreaded criminal who had killed eight policemen a week ago, that he turned away after grabbing the weapon and running away?

After the encounter, now these questions will be raised loudly.


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