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Published: March 4, 2020 2:00:42 am

RSS mouthpiece Organiser said the anti-CAA protests were about changing India’s demography and not an assertion of democracy. (Express photo: Praveen Khanna/File)

In the backdrop of Delhi riots, the English mouthpiece of the RSS, Organiser, has dedicated its latest issue to anti-CAA protests. Alluding to a certain communal incident in pre-Independent India’s Kerala, where it claimed Hindus were killed by Muslims, the magazine’s editorial claimed the riots showed that Hindus were once again at the receiving end. It also said the anti-CAA protests were about changing India’s demography and not an assertion of democracy.

“Perpetuating permanent insecurity among the Muslim ghettos hand-in-glove with secularists is the business of Islamist leadership. For them the communal demographic advantage is more superior to democracy and national development. Anti-CAAism is just an expression of the same separatist insecurity based on religion and demography. Constable Ratan Lal and IB officer Ankit Sharma are victims of this ghettoism,” the editorial said.

It argued that protests at Shaheen Bagh, which later spread to Northeast Delhi, were an attempt to turn India into Pakistan. “The politics of ghettoism and vetoism had sown the seeds of Pakistan in 1920 and the same mindset is now demanding granting of citizenship to Muslims of Pakistan as well, who are perpetrators of violence against minorities there. The only difference is that neither the political establishment nor Hindus are ready to succumb to the politics of blackmail,” the signed editorial by Prafulla Ketkar said.

He has questioned the intention of the protests asking why there were riots only in Muslim majority areas. “Remember, there are many Shaheen Baghs all over Bharat. Amidst the rhetoric of democracy and Constitution, Islamist, Supremacist and violent narratives are played there. …the desperation to vitiate the atmosphere, perfectly timed with the visit of US President Donald Trump, to internationalise the issue started with occupying Jaffrabad Metro Station and when it was resisted by the locals, it resulted in full scale rioting and massacre,” the editorial said.

ISI conspiracy

Another article on anti-CAA protests and the recent riots has claimed that videos show the riots were led by Muslims. It goes on to suggest that it could be an ISI conspiracy: “All these protests, violence and riots seem to be clearly orchestrated by vested interests. The on-going violence in Delhi is a culmination of 2 months long ‘protest’. It comes against the backdrop of Trump’s visit to India. Could it be the ISI? Could it be the breaking India forces functioning within the country? Or is it an outcome of the both shaking hands?”

Claiming this was not the first time that “those against India” were working hard to show India in bad light on international stage, the article has paraphrased a social media post of Major General Gagandeep Bakshi where he has purportedly hinted at an ISI conspiracy. “Since, the Modi government came to power, the number of terrorist attack on civilians has reduced. This has upset the establishment in Pakistan as their attempts to carry out terror strikes have caught up with the law of diminishing returns. In his Facebook post, he says that the ISI had engineered the riots and the armed violence in Delhi… a deliberate attempt to tarnish India’s image globally. Mentioning that the violence was a pre-planned and a deliberate one, he pointed that it is a failure of intelligence. He called out the Leftist bureaucracy for giving a free run to separatists and Maoists under the pretext of free speech. He said that the ‘ISI operatives in Delhi have taken advantage of the focus on VVIP security to stage well-timed riots in the capital to make a mockery of the republic.” The article concluded with the statement that no protests should be allowed and police must deal with them with an iron hand.

No deal, big deal

In an article analysing the gains of US President Donald Trump’s India visit, Organiser said that even though the two countries failed to ink any trade deal, India had asserted its position in the world and told the US that it could not be taken lightly.

“Strongly rejecting the unfair trade and economic demands of the US and not signing trade agreements without causing any rift in Indo-US relations Modi has written a new chapter in Indo-US relation, based on equality and mutual benefit and not on coercion and arm twisting,” it said.

It argued that India had emerged as a tough negotiator during the visit. “India has been successful in pushing the US to favour India’s action on Kashmir, making strategic agreements with India etc, and not allowing them to meddle in our internal affairs. Narendra Modi government’s foreign policy can be considered a great success in this regard. Trump has also repeatedly said that Prime Minister Modi is a good friend, but an equally ‘tough negotiator’,” the article said.

It has also argued that due to India’s strong position in the world, American support to Pakistan has become history. “America should not forget that India is an emerging power… whose strength is also very important for global strategic balance. It should respect the sentiments of India while abandoning its petty economic interests. America supportive stance towards Pakistan has now become a history, for which too, Modi deserves a big credit. In such a situation, the increasing proximity of America with India is not only a success of India’s foreign policy, it is also a good sign for peace and harmony in this region,” it said.

Compiled by Deeptiman Tiwary

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