Vietnam Airlines Upgrades Flight Pass with Optiontown

Vietnam Airlines has upgraded its Flight Pass in
partnership with Optiontown.

With only one purchase, customers can now choose
between 4 to 1000 flights operated by Vietnam Airlines, to one or
multiple destinations, valid up to 12 months.

Once purchased, passengers can decide when
they want to travel at a later date.

Up to 400 individual
customer names can be added to the same Flight Pass, and flight bookings
can be made up to six hours before departure.

The whole package includes the entire ticket
price, taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. meaning that there are no
surprises later on.

Vietnam Airlines is offering Flight Pass on most
of its routes (except for flights to/from Japan) and on all
classes, including Economy, Premium Economy, and Business. The
product’s price is determined by the number of routes, flights,
passengers using Flight Pass, departure time, reservation time,
and service classes.

 In addition to Flight Pass, Vietnam Airlines and Optiontown
also provide other auxiliary products such as Upgrade Travel
Option and Empty Seat Option at a preferential price.

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