VIDEO, why did Nitish Kumar Says, ask your father, ask your mother … – VIDEO, why did Nitish Kumar say, ask your father, ask your mother …



His opposition to the style of speech of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also been confirmed, but it has been seen in many meetings held during the assembly elections this time that during the Nitish Kumar speech when Lalu-Rabri Raj belongs to Or some of the promises made by Tejashwi Yadav are in relation to employment, in response to that, they lose their temper.

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During his speech in Teghda Assembly of Begusarai district on Saturday, once again it seems that he has forgotten the dignity of the language.

Referring to the era of RJD rule, he said, “When people got a chance, what did they build a school?” Then, without naming Tejashwi Yadav, he said that if you want to study, ask your father, ask your mother that somewhere there was a school, somewhere a school was being built, somewhere a college was coming up. Just ask, if you got a chance to rule, kept on taking it and went in, then the wife sat on the throne.

Nitish again said that all this was going on, after that, tell me today where there is something wrong. He said that if there is a mess man today, he will go inside. CM said that no reverse will be possible between you people.

However, he mentioned the earlier RJD regime in his speech and said that the crime, kidnapping for extortion was at its peak. But now there has been so much development.


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