Video war in Bihar elections, springs of Bhojpuri songs – video war in Bihar elections, Bhojpuri songs out

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new Delhi:

Assembly elections are in the head in Bihar and songs are out in Bihar. Most of the songs are Bhojpuri. Accusations and counter-allegations are being made through songs in a melodious manner. Somebody is asking what is there in Bihar? So the answer is that what is not there in Bihar? And this story is happening so much that Bihar felt its most glorious period in the last 15 years. Like everything in Bihar was made in these fifteen years.

And one such tweet also came from Rabri Devi of RJD.

But after this statement, the question was asked, what has been done in Bihar? It was first asked ‘What is in Bihar?’
In response, the song came ‘Bihar Me Ee Baa …’ and after that it was asked ‘Ka kare ho?’

Interestingly, there are many languages ​​other than Bhojpur in Bihar, such as Magahi, Maithli, Angika, but despite this, Bhojpuri has been dominated only in songs. Now RJD has also launched its campaign song, it is also in Bhojpuri.

With this, now another song has come which is in Maithili. And it is sung by Maithili Thakur. This song has not become so popular among the rest of Bhojpuri songs, but through this song, Maithili Thakur is telling in Maithili language what has happened in Mithila. What is there in Mithila, it is also there in Mithila and it is also there in Mithila.

With all these songs, the impact that is being created in the elections, what will be the impact on the election results and how much they affect the public, the experts discussed this in our special program ‘Hum Log’.

We: Out of Bhojpuri songs in Bihar election

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