Video related to Meenpa Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh surfaced, 17 soldiers were killed


Chhattisgarh Armed Naxalites Attack Video: Bastar Police Confirms Video

Armed forces involved in Meenpa Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh Naxalites video (Meenpa Naxalite attack Video) has surfaced. 17 policemen were killed in this encounter. While three Naxalites were martyred. Of chhattisgarh Naxalite affected Sukma District Violence has been in the affected districts.


Meenpa Naxalite In Sukma Naxalite attack video, a large number of armed Naxalites are carrying the bodies of their slain companions for the last rites. A large number of women and male Naxalites were involved in the procession with red flags among dense forests. On 21 March 2020 in Meenpa area of ​​Sukma district, Naxalites had targeted the jawans who went out on search. In this, a total of 17 soldiers including 12 DRGs and 5 STFs were martyred.

At the same time, the Naxalites had accepted the killing of their 3 comrades in this encounter. The Bastar IG confirmed the video and said that it is the video after the Meenpa attack. In this, the Naxalites are duly cremating the three companions killed in their battalion number 01. Bastar IG says that more Naxalites were killed in this encounter, but their action was done in different places. Naxalites also did not share their information.


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