Video Of Calf Stopping Ducks From Fighting Among Themselves Went Viral On Twitter


Two ducks were killing each other badly, the sheep came in the middle and stopped the fight.

New Delhi:

We call the one who teaches peace and brotherhood, today we will introduce you to such a peace messenger, who is not a human but a sheep. Surprised, Indian Police Service officer Rupin Sharma has shared a similar video on Twitter, in which a sheep is trying to maintain peace like a peacemaker. People are very fond of this video posted on Twitter.

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IPS officer Rupin Sharma has tweeted this video from his official Twitter account. Seeing this video, it seems that 2 ducks are trying to fight with each other, but sheep come in between them and thwart their attempt. I can see. The video begins with the sheep climbing on the railing, when it descends, it sees two ducks colliding, to stop them, the sheep comes in between them and separates them from each other. Even after that, it stands between the two, so that peace remains. This sheep intervening as if it has come in the form of a peacemaker.

Different types of reactions are also coming on this video. One user wrote about the sheep that, ‘Bajrang Dal Ka Lagata Hai’, so many people are seen enjoying the video with laughing emoji.

Users are eagerly waiting for funny videos of IPS Rupin Sharma on Twitter. He constantly shares funny videos with his Twitter account. Recently, he posted a video of the Chinese version of Bhelpuri, which people enjoyed a lot. Apart from this, he had shared a video of a boy playing carrom with his feet. That boy did not have both hands. Whoever saw it, only this ‘Wow’ came out of his mouth.


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