Video of beating of former BJP MLA goes viral, accused of molesting girl – Video of beating of former BJP MLA viral, accused of molesting girl


The police say that she is investigating the viral video.


A video of former BJP MLA (BJP EX MLA) Maya Shankar Pathak has gone viral in which some people are beating them and then bringing them out of the chamber and sitting in a chair and asking for forgiveness by holding their ears. A video was made of this entire incident. It is alleged that he has molested a girl student of his own school. After this, the family members of the girl beat her up and asked for forgiveness.

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After the video went viral, former BJP MLA Maya Shankar Pathak also released a video of his. He called the entire incident a political conspiracy. Pathak said that an incident happened 8 days ago. In this, a class nine girl who was preparing for the January 26 speech, but could not hear it properly, he scolded her and shouted that go can not happen to you. After that, yesterday his family members came and did so insolently. He said that if my scolding is wrong then I apologize for it. I did not know that they were making my video. This is a politically specific action taken by people of a particular caste.


This video is of Saturday, in this case, Circle Officer of Police Pindra Abhishek Pandey says that the videos which have gone viral, are being investigated. However, so far no one has given tahrir from both sides. But still the police is investigating the viral video.

Former BJP MLA Maya Shankar Pathak was the then MLA from Chiragaon Assembly. After delimitation, some boundary of this assembly went to Chandauli district and some came to Banaras, which is presently called Shivpur Assembly. Maya Shankar Pathak runs a private school and is not very active politically at this time. It is clear that whatever the case may be, but it does not look very political.


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