Vice President of US Mike Pence Rejects 25th Amendment to Oust Donald Trump – US: Vice President Mike Pence rejects 25th Amendment against Donald Trump


Donald Trump and Mike Pence. (File photo)


US Vice President Mike Pence told House leaders on Tuesday that he does not support the 25th Amendment process to remove President Donald Trump, but to vote against the President in the impeachment process Guarantee. Pence has written a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in this case, prohibiting him from using the 25th Amendment against the President. On the other hand, Trump said that the 25th amendment is not a threat to him.

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Mike Pence wrote in a letter to Nancy Pelosi, “Only 8 days are left in the President’s term, you and the Democratic Party are demanding that the Cabinet and I implement the 25th Amendment.” I do not believe that such action is in the interest of our nation or is in accordance with our Constitution. ‘ A few hours before voting against Donald Trump, Pence has written this letter to the speaker.

Let us know that in the wake of last week’s violent attack on the Capitol Hills Building (US Parliament House), voting will take place today (Wednesday) in the US House of Representatives, controlled by Democratic leaders, on the impeachment motion against the outgoing President Donald Trump. US lawmakers David Cicilline, Jamie Ruskin and Ted Liu have prepared a motion for impeachment, co-sponsored by 211 members of the House of Representatives. It was introduced on Monday.


Majority Leader of the House Stany Hoyer, during a conference call with his party colleagues on Monday, informed that voting on Trump’s impeachment will be held on Wednesday. In this impeachment motion, the outgoing president has been accused of abetting sedition on January 6 through his acts. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the incident. Democratic lawmakers have enough votes in the House of Representatives to pass impeachment resolutions against Trump, but Republican leaders in the Senate have a slim margin of 51 from 50.

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