Uttar Pradesh Rare Red Coral Kukri snake spotted in the Dudhwa National Park – rare red snake came out when it rained in UP, people said


Rare red colored snake came out when it rained in UP, see Viral Photo

A photo of the Red Coral Kukri snake (Rare Snake) Red Coral Kukri snake has created a stir on social media. The snake was spotted two days ago in Dudhwa National Park in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh (UP). A photo of the red snake was clicked by a staff member and shared on Twitter by Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Organization Wildlane.

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The snake was first seen in Dudhwa in 1936. Its zoological name is "Oligodon khariensis". The brightly colored snake has a rare size. First seen after a gap of 82 years. According to senior Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey, the red coral cookery snake has been seen four times in a few years. It was not seen so often before.

Sharing the picture on Sunday, Wildlance wrote, 'Dudhwa National Park is full of diversity and wonder. Red Coral Cookery Snake, is a very rare snake. This snake appeared after the rain near the employees' hut this evening.

When its picture went viral on the social media, people found this snake quite beautiful. People have given such reactions on Twitter …

According to experts, red coral cookery snakes are not poisonous, they only eat insects and worms. It gets its name from its red orange color and its teeth, which is Nepali "khukri" shaped to break eggs.

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