Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Election results 2021 Ruckus over demand for re-counting in Azamgarh


The demand for re-counting of votes caused a ruckus. (Symbolic picture)

Special things

  • Ruckus over demand for recounting
  • SP’s car glass broken
  • 1 dozen people injured in lathicharge


People of Godhaura Scheduled Caste township demonstrated at Block Headquarters on Tuesday afternoon to demand re-counting of votes cast for Dharwara, District Panchayat in Jahanaganj area of ​​Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Elections 2021). During this, the police (UP Police) beat a young man. After this, the anger of the villagers came on the road. Police lathi-charged, injuring a dozen villagers. When this news reached the township, women also came on the road and caused a lot of ruckus.

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In response to the lathicharge of the police, the villagers also started running brick and stone and blocked the road near the village till four in the evening. If they did not leave even after an hour, the police had to lathicharge. After that the villagers withdrew from the road but reached the fields and barricaded them. By five o’clock in the evening, CO Sadar Morcha was handling the force of many police stations. The police had laid siege to the village.

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Jamanthi Devi, the mother of Kanhaiya Kumar Rao of Godhaura village, contested for the post of Zilla Panchayat member. Kanhaiya Kumar alleges that while his mother was winning by 175 votes in the counting, the counting was stopped in the meantime. When those people moved here and there, the calculation was started and after some time it was told that Jamunti Devi had lost the election.

When the agents present with them at the counting venue demanded a recalculation, the second candidate was declared victorious by 857 votes. RO Dhananjay Yadav said that he will forward the demand letter to the Returning Officer. After that, the work will be done as per the instructions.

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Jurisdiction Sadar Siddharth Tomar said that due to COVID-19, it is strictly forbidden to crowd a venue, but the supporters of the candidate were performing arbitrarily without any permission. When they were asked to move, they started becoming furious, due to which these people had to be removed by force. Talks continued between the RO, the acting SDM and the candidate till late in the evening. The protesters were frozen from the street to the shops. At the same time, the police was also standing in full alert mode.

SP Sudhir Kumar Singh said that the fuss candidate was defeated by almost 900 votes and his agent had also signed the consent form. On Tuesday, the road was blocked with sticks and sticks by the people of his side. Also tried to fire with stone and firing. The police chased them using light force. Many people including the candidate have been detained. Some vehicles have also been recovered from the spot, the situation is now under control.

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