US President Joe Biden to announce all Americans eligible for Covid 19 vaccine by April 19


Vaccination campaign in the US is going on very fast. (File photo)


America’s President Joe Biden is reportedly set to announce that from April 19, all adult citizens across the country will be eligible for the Coronavirus Vaccine. America is well ahead of its vaccination target. According to a CNN report, Biden is going to reduce the deadline for immunization for all citizens from May 1 to April 19. Vaccination campaign is going on fast in all 50 states.

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At present, no information has been given from the White House about this yet. No response has been given even when asked about this report. If permission is given by the US administration to vaccinate everyone, then every age person can get the Corona vaccine.

Kovid became the third largest cause of death in America in the year 2020: report

Joe Biden will visit a vaccination center in Virginia prior to this announcement at the White House. After this announcement, a large-scale vaccination campaign will be launched so that the epidemic can be defeated and the US economy can return in full force.

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