US New Bill lays out strategy to counter China, seeks to strengthen ties with India


Bipartisan Bill introduced in US Parliament to counter China (symbolic photo)


Washington, two influential US lawmakers have introduced a major bipartisan comprehensive bill that calls for China to enhance the country’s ability to compete, promote Quad initiatives and intensify America’s bilateral and regional partnership, including India. is. Robert Menendez, MP and chairman of the Senate’s influential foreign affairs committee, said the Bill’s “Strategic Competition Act of 2021” refers to the Indo-Pacific strategy to counter the challenges posed by China over America’s national and economic security. For this, it will cover all the strategic, economic and diplomatic policy of the country.

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Menendez introduced the 280-page act with ranking member Jim Riesch. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate is going to discuss this bill and will vote on April 14, after which it will be sent to the Senate.

Menendez said, “The Bill ‘Strategic Competition Act of 2021″ recognizes that it is time to give a unified, strategic response so that the US leadership can be revived, investing in China to compete. ”

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