US health authority reports coronavirus Delta variant spread as chickenpox more severe illness | The delta variant of the virus can spread rapidly like smallpox, people who have been vaccinated can also spread the infection.

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  • US Health Authority Report Coronavirus Delta Variant Spread As Chickenpox More Severe Illness

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Disturbing news has come to the fore regarding the delta variant of the corona virus. A US study has revealed that this variant of corona can spread rapidly among people like chickenpox. This study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not yet been published, but a document has appeared in the New York Times. The delta variant is more contagious than other variants of the coronavirus, and 99% of cases of corona in the UK are due to the delta variant.

What is also worrying in the study done on the virus is that people who have had both doses of the vaccine can also spread the delta variant like those who have not been vaccinated. CDC director Dr. Rochelle P. Valensky said that people who have been vaccinated have the same amount of virus in their nose and throat as those who are not vaccinated, which makes it easier to spread.

Vaccines will protect against getting seriously ill
However, it has been told in this document that people who have had both doses of the vaccine are safe. The vaccine protects against serious illness by up to 90% but reduces the protection against virus infection and transmission. This is the reason that even after vaccination, people got infected with the delta variant of the corona.

The number of viruses in the delta variant is thousand times more
It has been told in the document that the speed of the delta variant spreading the virus in the air is 10 times more than the alpha. The amount of virus in a person infected with Delta is a thousand times higher than in people infected with the original version of the virus. Delta spreads faster than viruses that cause MERS, SARS, Ebola, common cold, seasonal flu. It is contagious just like smallpox.

Delta can cause serious diseases
The first case of the Delta variant was found in India. This is known as B.1.617.2. It can cause serious diseases. This study on Delta has alerted CDC scientists. The official said the CDC is concerned about this. Delta is a serious threat and action needs to be taken. The CDC has collected data as of July 24. Of the 162 million Americans who have been vaccinated, about 35,000 symptomatic infections are found every week.

It is necessary to follow the measures to prevent infection
The CDC document relies on data from several studies, including one that analyzed virus outbreaks in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The director said that there are some ways to stop the virus on which everyone has to pay attention. As such there is a dire need to wear a mask. Students, staff and visitors to the school should also wear masks.

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