US federal appeal court rejected president Donald trumps claim calling vote unfair does not make it so, refused to freeze Joe Bidens win – US court rejects President Trump’s claim, saying – who can’t stop Biden’s win!


The US court dismissed allegations of any kind of fraud with Donald Trump in the presidential elections held on November 3.


The US Federal Appeals Court on Friday directly rejected President Donald Trump’s claim that he had rigged the election in Pennsylvania. Along with this, the court refused to stay the victory of Joe Biden.

In a sharp review of the arguments filed by Trump’s election campaign committee, the court dismissed allegations of fraud of any kind against Donald Trump in the presidential elections held on November 3. The three judges of the appeals court unanimously stated that no evidence was given in favor of the allegations of fraud and improper proceedings. Hence the claim is rejected.


The court said, “The allegations of improper and fraud in the election are serious but just saying the election as unfair cannot be unfair.” Appealing against the trial court’s decision, Trump’s campaign side appealed, alleging court discrimination. The court remarked that the juice of the improper charge cannot make the glass gold.

In the courts across the country, Donald Trump’s campaign group and Republican supporters have suffered defeat in this case almost two dozen times, who had complained about rigging in elections in different courts. This decision is the latest among them. Trump himself has been dubbing Joe Biden’s victory as questionable. On Thursday too, he told reporters, “Just you understand, this election was a hoax.”


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