US coronavirus deaths near 5 lakh top virus expert anthony fauci calls it terrible US covid-19 cases – COVID-19 deaths in the US reached 5 lakh, it may take a year to return to normal



In the United States, the number of deaths due to Kovid reached close to 5 lakh on Sunday. US top virus expert Anthony Fauchi described it as very sad. He said that it may take a year for the situation to normalize there. New Kovid cases have declined due to the onset of vaccination in the US and a decrease in the increased cases due to cold, but more cases of infections have been reported here and deaths from Kovid than anywhere in the world.

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Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauchi said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” show that ‘it is very sad. Is historical. We have never seen this happen in the next 100 years after the influenza epidemic of 1918. He said that ‘if you look at the figures, they are shocking, almost unbelievable, but this is the reality.’


Let us tell you that on Sunday, the number of deaths in America reached 498,000 on the Kovid tracking website of John Hopkins University. The first death from Kovid-19 in the US was in February 2020. Within the next three months, the death toll here had crossed 1 lakh.

New York was the most affected in the first wave, but the infection spread rapidly to other places, and then the number of deaths also increased. By the end of the holiday, this figure has crossed 4 lakh.

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