Urmila Matondkar Slams Kangana Ranaut Tweet Over Jaya Bachchan With NewsBust India – Kangana Ranaut hit back at Jaya Bachchan and Urmila Matondkar spoke


Urmila Matondkar taunted Kangana Ranaut

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  • Urmila Matondkar replied to Kangana Ranaut
  • Urmila said that since she was not even born …
  • Urmila Matondkar interacted with NewsBust

new Delhi:

Amid the ongoing upheaval in Bollywood, Jaya Bachchan took on BJP MP Ravi Kishan (Ravi Kishan) in the Rajya Sabha on the last day. Along with this, he said that we make holes in the plate we eat. Ever since Jaya Bachchan's statement, she is constantly making headlines on social media. At the same time, Kangana Ranaut also tweeted Jaya Bachchan recently by tweeting, and said that I taught this industry Feminism, decorated the plate with patriotic films. On this tweet of Kangana Ranaut, Urmila Matondkar (Urmila Matondkar) has replied to her. During a special conversation with NewsBust India, he questioned many statements of Kangana Ranaut.

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Urmila Matondkar (Urmila Matondkar) responded to Kangana Ranaut's tweet regarding Jaya Bachchan. He said, "Ever since Kangana was not even born, Jaya Bachchan has done films based on feminism, including films like 'Guddi'." Along with this, Urmila Matondkar took a dig at Kangana Ranaut and said, "I want to ask the question with folded hands whether Jaya ji has personally made comments which she is constantly tweeting at her. Tweet on her children and family. Raising questions. " Please tell that Urmila also talked about Bollywood and drugs.

Urmila Matondkar (Urmila Matondkar), while talking about Bollywood and drugs, said, "If Bollywood is such a drug industry then how has it survived for so long. Our honorable Prime Minister had called this addict industry and had a kind of support with him Wanted to bring Mahatma Gandhi's ideas to the public. If Kangana really has any information related to Bollywood and drugs, then she should come out and speak. I would say that those who are involved in it should be called and take the strongest action. needed." Along with this, the actress said that Bollywood people have always been soft targets.


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