UPs Ballia Bullet Case main accused can surrender in court – main accused of UP Ballia Bullet Case can surrender in court

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Police is actively searching for the main accused in the Ballia shootout


Dhirendra Pratap Singh, the main accused in the Ballia Bullet Case of UP, can surrender at any time in the court. Surrender application has been put in Ballia Court on his behalf. There is an indication that the accused can appear in the court at any time, because the police is searching for him with great vigor.

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DIG Azamgarh range has announced a reward of 50-50 thousand for the arrest of wanted accused in the murder case of Jai Prakash alias Gama Pal, shot in the government quota shop in Durjanpur village under Revati police station area of ​​Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district. . SP Ballia had already declared a reward of 25-25 thousand rupees on the absconding accused. This has now been increased to 50 thousand by Deputy Inspector General of Police Azamgarh Range. Out of total eight named accused in the case, 2 have been arrested while 6 accused are still absconding.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA Surendra Singh has issued a statement regarding Dhirendra Singh, the main accused and BJP worker in the case, in which he has been seen defending the accused. He said that if Dhirendra Singh did not shoot in self-defense, dozens of his family members would have been killed. He also said that many people from the other side are badly injured, so they should also be listened to.

Explain that on Thursday (October 15) afternoon, the process of allocation of government quota shops was going on in Durjanpur area of ​​Ballia. Then the claimant got into a dispute between the two parties. As the dispute escalated, both sides started getting beaten up and abused by stone pelting. Meanwhile, one side started firing bullets. Then BJP worker Dhirendra Pratap Singh, considered close to the BJP MLA from Bairia, shot Jayaprakash Pal of the other party.

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