Uproar in Priyanka Gandhis public meeting, pleading for justice for Rajasthan girl – uproar in Priyanka Gandhi’s meeting, pleading for Rajasthan girl to get justice


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi addressed the public meeting in Palikheda village of Mathura district of UP.

Mathura / Jaipur:

There was an uproar in the meeting of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi in Palikheda village of Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh, when a dozen people showed placards in front of the stage just minutes after his address started. ) Started demanding a girl to get justice from the Rajasthan government. On this, when security personnel and Congress workers proceeded to pacify the demanding people, Priyanka Gandhi herself stopped them from the stage and immediately left the mike and came down. Then the boys and some girls held placards in their hands and put their problems in front of the Congress leader. At this, Gandhi talked to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot at the same time and took information about the matter and asked the girl to get justice.

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The Congress leader spoke to the family of the victim demanding justice and assured them of help. After this the matter became calm and the Congress leader went back to the stage to address it.

After this, Rajasthan Police has provided protection to the victim and her family in the rape case registered last year in Jurahara police station area of ​​Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, after requesting a report from the police, gave necessary instructions for action.


Bharatpur Superintendent of Police Devendra Vishnoi said that security has been provided to the family of the victim. Family members alleged that they were being intimidated, so security has been provided on Tuesday. A case of rape was registered in Jurhara police station in April last year.

On the other hand, the family members of the accused have also met the Director General of Police of Rajasthan and demanded a fair investigation, calling the case registered in the FIR as false. Sources said that there is a contradiction in the complaint lodged in the FIR lodged and the statements made before the victim’s magistrate.

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