UP: Two lionesses are corona positive in Etawah Lion Safari Park, stirred up


On April 30, Gauri and Jennifer stopped eating.

New Delhi:

After Hyderabad, two lionesses in Etawah Lion Safari Park in Uttar Pradesh were stunned after being found corona-infected, 4-year-old Gauri and 9-year-old Jennifer RBRI were found to be infected with the corona after reports from Bareilly, both of which were lions. Keeping them in Isolation in Safari’s Wildlife Hospital, their treatment is going on as per the consultation received from the medical experts. This was confirmed by Safari Park director KK Singh.

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The flames of the growing Corona epidemic in the country have now started to tighten their grip on animals after humans, whose impact was seen today in Etawah Lion Safari where two queens of the forest have been battling in the condition of disease since last 30 April. Safari was stirred by the arrival of Kovid test positive, samples of both lionesses were sent to Bareilly on May 3 and May 6, positive report came out yesterday.

On April 30, Gauri and Jennifer stopped eating and after testing it was found that both got 104.2 degree and 105.6 degree fever respectively. After which treatment of both was started and samples of their blood and feces were sent to Indian Veterinary Research Bareilly on 3 May and 6 May for special examination. In connection with the treatment of both lionesses, a video conferencing of Indian Animal Institute Dehradun and other wildlife experts of the country was also organized on May 6 from 4 to 5 pm. Investigation found both lionesses to be Kovid positive. According to Lion Safari, Lioness Jennifer and Gauri have been admitted to the Animal Hospital of Safari Park after their ill condition deteriorated. They are being offered a bottle of glucose. All the security arrangements have been increased along with the alerts in Safari. All employees going to the animals have been made mandatory to wear PPE kits. Along with this, RTPCR report of all employees is being made.

Earlier in the Corona era last year, the Etawah Safari Park has been kept on high alert due to the death of 23 lions due to Bvesiosis infection in Junagadh, Gujarat. Then all the 16 lions present in the Etawah Lion Safari were made to test lionesses and cubs.

KK Singh, director of Etawah Safari Park, told that the lionesses underwent medical treatment between 4 to 5 pm on May 6. According to the consultation received by the medical experts in the Isolation of Lion Safari, their treatment is continuing till late in the evening. Is stable

8 lions were found corona positive in Xu, Hyderabad, after which 16 samples of 14 lion-lionesses from Etawah Lion Safari were sent to IVRI for investigation. Two lionesses, Jennifer and Gory Corona, have been found infected by RT-PCR test at IVRI’s BSL-3 Lab. They have been admitted to the animal hospital in Safari Park after deteriorating. In view of the corona infection, there is a provision of tire bath and sanitization at the main gate of the entire safari. Safari has been made virus-proof.

It is believed that this infection may have reached the Shero of the Breeding Center after a worker has been found corona infected in the Safari. There are currently 18 lions in Etawah Safari, out of which two lionesses, Jennifer and Gauri have been ill since the last days. . This is the first case of corona infection in lions due to which the problem has increased. In safari, no tourists are allowed near the lions, in such a way how the lionesses are corona positive is a big question. It is being feared that the lioness has got this infection due to coming in contact with an employee who is infected corona.

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In the Safari, the lioness Jennifer and Gauri have been ill for the past 1 week, but the Safari administration has kept their illness hidden and is being treated in the Safari Hospital When the condition did not improve, their samples were sent to IVRI Bareilly and the investigation report that came from there shocked everyone because both lionesses got infected. By now humans were getting corona infected. Now this is the first case of infection spreading in animals. Has surfaced.
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