Up to 10 crores was sold in a single day, if vegetables were found in double price then milk also sold 2 lakh liters more than consumption | 10 crores on a single day in Ahmedabad Sales of milk, milk consumption also increased by 2 lakh liters

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  • Up To 10 Crores Was Sold In A Single Day, If Vegetables Were Found In Double Price Then Milk Also Sold 2 Lakh Liters More Than Consumption

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Ahmedabad16 minutes ago

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On Friday morning, there was a crowd in the Kalupur vegetable market.

  • There was such a crowd of milk buyers that all the Amul parlors were empty at 11 am
  • The city consumes 15-16 lakh liters of milk daily, 18 lakh liters of milk sold on Friday

Due to increasing cases of corona, curfew has been imposed in Ahmedabad from 9 am Friday to 6 am Monday. At the same time, due to the rumor of moving curfew, people broke into the markets to shop since morning. Due to this, not only the vegetables sold at double the price, but as compared to daily, 2 lakh liters of milk was sold here and two and a half times more grocery was sold in the same day.

18 lakh liters of milk sold in few hours
By the time the milk was purchased, by 11 am all the parlors of Amul were empty. The city consumes 1.5–16 lakh liters of milk daily, while on Friday, about 18 lakh liters of milk were sold in a few hours. At the same time, there was a crowd of people in the vegetable market. Due to this, vegetables sold at double the price. As of Thursday, potato-tomato prices were between 30-40. Their prices had crossed 60-70 rupees.

Vegetables were sold at double the price.

Vegetables were sold at double the price.

10 crores Sold out grocery
According to Shyambhai Haribhai, head of Kalupur Market, grocery along with milk and vegetables were also purchased on Friday. Usually Rs 3-4 crore daily. Only the grocery store is sold, but on Friday, 7 to 10 crores. Sold up to. The same situation was with the shops of snacks.

Jamalpur market had to be closed
There were huge crowds for shopping from malls to markets and vegetable markets. This increased the risk of spreading corona infection. People were in a hurry to shop as soon as possible, during this time, many people were neither wearing masks nor taking care of social distancing.

Due to this the Municipal Corporation had to seal only those shops where the crowd was getting more. Apart from this, the entire market had to be closed at 11 am due to the situation in Jamalpur, the other big market of the city.


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