UP: temple priest arrested for hatching conspiracy of fake attempt to murder – temple priest in Gonda in UP fired on himself, sensation due to police revelations

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A priest of the Ram Janaki temple in Gonda (UP) of Gonda (UP) fired on a professional shooter to trap his enemy. The Mahant of the temple was also included in this. The Mahant was arrested by the police today and will be arrested as soon as the hospitalized priest recovers. On October 11 in Gonda, Samrat Das, the priest of the Ram Janaki temple in Itiathok area, was shot dead at two o’clock in the temple. The injured priest was immediately admitted to the King George Medical University in Lucknow for treatment.

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Priest Samrat Das and Mahant Sitaram Das of the temple had given betel nut to a professional shooter for the attack. Both of them had told the betel nut killer that he had to shoot at Pujari Samrat Das in such a way that the bullet would just come out by touching them. They should not die by mistake also. Professional Areca Killer did the same. The priest shot Samrat Das in such a way that he was only injured.

The injured priest Samrat Das and his boss Mahant Sitaram Das held a domineering Amar Singh responsible for shooting the priest. He alleged that there is about 150 bighas of precious land near the Ram Janaki temple. Amar Singh wants to take possession of that land. A case is already being held regarding possession of the land from him. On the complaint of the bullet-injured priest and the Mahant of the temple, an FIR was lodged against Amar Singh and his associates and two of Amar Singh’s associates were arrested but Amar Singh was not caught.

After Rajasthan, now assassination attack on priest in UP, fear of being shot in land dispute

On Saturday, when SP Shailendra Kumar Pandey of the district solved the case and held a press conference, he told that the bullet was shot at Pujari Samrat Das by Samrat Das and his boss Mahant Sita Ram Das. Their objective was to get their enemy Amar Singh sent to jail by putting a case of attempt to murder the priest.

The SP also told that Amar Singh wanted to contest the election of Pradhan in the village there this time. The current village head Vinay Kumar Singh also did not want that a strong candidate like Amar Singh contested there, so he too joined this conspiracy.

The police have made 9 people accused in this case, in which seven people including Mahant Sitaram Das have been arrested. Police say that as soon as there is a discharge from the priest Samrat Das Hospital, who will be fired on himself, he will also be arrested.

VIDEO: temple priest attacked

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