UP Shamli Three Elderly Women Vaccinated Against Rabies Instead Of Covid-19


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A shocking incident took place in Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Three women have complained that they were given a dog bite vaccine or anti-rabies injection (Elderly Women Vaccinated Against Rabies Instead Of Covid-19) at the local community health center. DM has set up an inquiry into the matter and has said that if this has happened, strict action will be taken against those responsible. Three women of the area went to get their Aadhaar card vaccinated at Kandhla Community Health Center in Shamli district. Among these, Anarkali’s age is 72 years, Saroj’s age is 70 years and Satyavati’s age is 60 years.

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Before getting the vaccine, after getting the vaccine, he asked the employee to see the Aadhaar card, then he said that the Aadhaar card is not needed. 72-year-old Anarkali says that if she vaccinated him, he gave her an Aadhaar card, then the one who planted it said that there is no need for Aadhaar in it.

Anarkali did not say that the people of his house had told that it is necessary to show the Aadhar card in the Corona vaccine. The vaccine worker then said that it was a dog bite vaccine, not a corona. Anarkali says that she got dizzy on hearing this, then she complained to the doctor there. Saroj and Satyavati also make similar complaints.

On reaching the case with the District Magistrate of Shamli, he has formed an inquiry committee under the leadership of an Additional CMO and set up an inquiry. He told NewsBust that the inquiry committee would first take the statements of the women complaining and then go to the community health center to investigate on the spot. He says that if truth is found in it, strict action will be taken against the guilty.

(Apart from the headline, this news has not been edited by the NewsBust team, it has been published directly from the Syndicate feed.)


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