UP Panchayat election results: in PM Modi constituency Varanasi only 8 of 40 seats to go to BJP



The result of the late night panchayat elections in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was released. However, the administration did not release the list according to which party won which candidate, but in the panchayat elections, the parties fielded their supported candidates. According to their list, the Bharatiya Janata Party has received a shock. The Samajwadi Party is claiming to win 16 seats, while the Bharatiya Janata Party was reduced to just 8 out of 40 seats of the total panchayat elections. Bahujan Samaj Party has won 5 seats, Congress two, Apna Dal two, Subhaspa two and Independents four. However, the Congress is adding one or two of its candidates to its list of independents.

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Samajwadi Party won: –
– Sarita Yadav, wife Gagan Yadav-Kashi Vidyapeeth Block Sector-2
– Chanda Yadav Wife Rajesh Yadav Nathu Kashi Vidyapeeth Block Sector-4
– Lalit Yadav Putra Naga Yadav-Arajline Line Sector-5
– Darshan Yadav’s nephew Naga Yadav – Arazeline block Sector-6
– Renu Yadav Wife Dinesh Yadav – Arazeline Block Sector-2
– Padma Singh – Sevapuri Block Sector-4
– Pramila Yadav wife Shambhu Yadav-Harhua Block Sector-1
– Moolchand Yadav – Harhua Block Sector-2
– Babita Sonkar wife Kailash Sonkar MLA Ajgara Cholapur Block Sector-3
– Sikandar Mishra-Pindra Block Sector-1
– Ramdhari Yadav – Chiragaon Block Sector-3
– Kailash Sonkar-Chiragaon Block Sector-1
– Susheela Sonkar-Chiragaon Block Sector-4 (died of heart attack on voting day will be re-elected)
– Shailendra Yadav-Bargaon Block Sector 4
– Radhika Yadav Mataji Dharmendra Yadav Cholapur Sector 1
– Kanchan Devi Wife Sharad Yadav Block Pendra Pindra Sector 5

Candidates won from BJP: –
– Anjani Nandan Pandey-Cholapur Block Sector-2
– Rajesh Singh-Cholapur Block Sector-4
– Saroja Devi-Cholapur Block Sector-5
– Amit Sonkar-Harhua Block Sector-4
– Indu Singh Wife Sujit Singh Doctor-Sevapuri Block Sector-2
– Sarita Prajapati-Kashi Vidyapeeth Block Sector-1
– Gautam Singh – Pindra Block Sector-2
– Arun Singh Binny – Pindra Block Sector-6

Candidates won by BSP: –
– Archana Singh Patel-Badgaon Block Sector-1
– Ajay Siddharth – Pindra Block Sector – 4
– Roma Singh Patel-Arazeline Block Sector-5
– Pushpanjali Patel-Harhua Block Sector-3
– Subhash Chand Jaisal- Harhua Block Sector-4

Candidates won from Congress: –
-Swati Singh-Sevapuri Block Sector-1
– Savita Devi Pindara Block Sector 3

Independent candidates: –
– Sharad Singh – Baragaon Block Sector-5
– Sushil Singh-Badgaon Block Sector-3
– Aman Singh Sevapuri Block Sector 3
– Poonam Maurya wife Kunwar Virendra Kashi Vidyapeeth Block Sector 3

Candidates won from Apna Dal: –
– Chameli Devi-Arajiline Block Sector-1
– Rajendra Patel- Sevapuri Block Sector-5

Candidates won by Subhaspa: –
– Sunil Singh Araji Line Sector
– Vandana Bharti-Chiragaon Block Sector-2

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