UP Man Taking Classes for Children in Delhi Slum Beneath A Partially Built Flyover Earns Praise


Person teaching children under flyover, people said- ‘Anywhere there is fire …’

Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda used the words of the famous Hindi poet Dushyant Kumar to praise the teacher teaching children in Delhi’s Slum. Beneath a partially constructed flyover in East Delhi, Satyendra Pal uses a whiteboard to ensure children do not have online learning facilities. Maths graduate Satyendra Pal, who hails from a village in Uttar Pradesh, has been giving classes since 2015. His initiative received much acclaim and appreciation during a coronovirus-induced lockdown when schools closed across the country.

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News agency Reuters Talking to, he said, ‘I stopped classes in March because a lot of cases were coming up at that time. But the parents requested me to teach again. I want to earn money, but if I focus on myself, I will earn alone. If I help these children, they will all earn with me.

IFS officer Sushant Nanda’s initiative to help the vulnerable children was also appreciated. Posting the picture, he wrote in the caption, ‘There should be fire anywhere, but the fire must be lit.’

IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra has also used Dushyant Kumar’s words. A guard was studying near the ATM machine. He used this line in his praise.

IAS officer Avneesh Sharan had also shared a picture, where a child was studying at a tea shop. While sharing the picture, he also wrote in the caption, ‘There should be fire anywhere, but the fire must be lit.’

Satyendra Pal is not the only teacher who has come forward to help the students in difficult times. Last year, a Delhi Police soldier received praise for teaching children who could not buy mobile phones for online classes.


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