UP: Hindu organization stops a wedding between Hindu-muslim – UP: Hinduist organization halts Hindu-Muslim wedding with consent of family


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  • Lucknow incident, marriage stopped with the help of police
  • Said, they should tell, which religion to follow after marriage
  • Girl is Hindu, boy is Muslim, both families agreed to marry


In Lucknow, a Hindu-Muslim wedding called Hindu Yuva Vahini was stopped by the help of the police with the help of the police, with the consent of the bridegroom’s family. The organization said that those marrying should have told them which religion they would follow after marriage? Which religion will their children belong to, not only this marriage being done without the permission of DM will have a bad effect on Hindu society. This Hindu-Muslim wedding was being done by both the families. The 22-year-old girl is a Hindu who has done her MSc in chemistry while the boy is a Muslim. Both do a good job. The police stopped the wedding on the complaint of the National Youth Corps. The young corps says that they have objected that both sides did not take permission from DM. Such a marriage will have a bad effect on Hindu society. Marry in Hindu way, do not get fired together. The organization does not know what their religion will be after marriage.

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KD Sharma, president of the National Youth Corps, says, “If you were getting married with such a pavilion, then Hindu organizations and Hindu families would be affected. On one side you are getting married, on the other side you are getting married. If children are, then which religion will they be called? We are not wrong in this, we have done what should have been done. If the district officer had permission, we would have done nothing.

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He said, ‘My organization is active in 24 states. If I see this then people will also interrupt me and say that they have done wrong. The interesting thing is that when the police reached the spot on the complaint of the organization, preparations were going on to marry Hindu. Later, they had to be fired but the police stopped the marriage citing new law according to which DM’s permission will have to be taken two months before for conversion. In the case, Lucknow (South) Additional DCP Suresh Chandra Rawat said, “Both the sides were called to the police station, they were told about the latest Uttar Pradesh Laws Against Conversion Ordinance. A copy of this has also been made available to them, on which both the parties have given written consent that now they will take any steps in this regard only after informing the District Magistrate as per the rules, after taking his permission.


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