UP: Gonda, woman constable raped by male constable in police lines – Uttar Pradesh: constable rapes female policeman in police line


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A soldier in the police line of Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh (UP) gave his Junior female soldier (Woman constable) raped. The woman soldier alleges that on the pretext of showing the house on rent, he called her at her quarters and raped her. A case of rape has been registered against the accused soldier. Police is investigating the case. The female soldier is from another city. He needed a house for rent in Gonda. He is accused of calling his fellow soldier and telling him that someone has given him information about a house. If he comes, he will take it and show it. Female soldier It is alleged that he raped her there.

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The victim’s woman soldier told that “We went on the 10th.” Ankit Bhai got a call from a boy … to show the room. When we went, Ankit Bhai dragged us into his room. Ankit Bhai forcibly joined us. Choked our mouth. When we ran very hard, we threatened to kill us.

The woman soldier was so scared of this incident that she did not inform anyone about it. When he called his family members and heard the tragedy, his mother and brother reached him. At his behest, he filed a report of the incident.

The aggrieved soldier said, “We sat in awe.” Then we called our family members. We have given this information everywhere in SSP office, in IGRS, to CM Yogi. Troubled for so many days. No action is being taken against him.


Huge rage over Badaun rape case, girl students demonstrated in Varanasi, said – strict punishment given to the accused

The people of the police are stepping into this case for fear of slander of the police. Additional SP Mahendra Kumar said that “a tahrir has been given by a woman constable posted in the police line, in which a second constable has been charged by her.” An indictment has been registered on this and deliberative action is being taken. And when Tahrir was given, then his prosecution was registered and since both are departmental and legal action is being taken immediately.


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