UP District Panchayat President Election: Party Alleges Rigging When SP Candidates Form Was Canceled In Banaras


SP leader Manoj Rai Dhupchandi said that now we will take further action for this.


In Banaras, the form of the Samajwadi Party candidate was canceled in the district panchayat while the form of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate was approved. Regarding this, the Samajwadi Party accused the district officer and said that it was done forcibly at the behest of the state government and it was released at 11:30 in the night. SP leader Manoj Rai Dhupchandi said that now we will take further action for this. Let us tell you that late night, the District Magistrate of Banaras issued this statement regarding the nomination for the election of the District Panchayat President.

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Two nomination papers were filed by two candidates Chanda Yadav and Poonam Maurya for the post of Varanasi District Panchayat President. Their scrutiny started at 3 pm in the same sequence. Both sides filed written objections about the validity of each other’s notary advocates. Written time of 2-2 hours was sought by both of them to answer which was given to them. Scrutiny started again at 6:30 pm in which both the candidates presented their side.

After thorough scrutiny, one nomination paper of Poonam Maurya was rejected and one was accepted. While both the nomination papers of Chanda Yadav were rejected. In this way, the nomination of only one candidate Poonam Maurya was found valid. Regarding this, the SP accused the district officer administration.

At the same time, 16 district panchayat presidents of BJP have been elected unopposed in the Panchayat elections of UP. While the Samajwadi Party has alleged that the Yogi government through the police kidnapped and held its district panchayat candidates hostage and did not allow them to file nominations. SP President Akhilesh Yadav has sacked party presidents of 11 of these districts on charges of negligence in work. Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday tweeted a video of a scuffle at the nomination center in Gorakhpur.

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He said, “The BJP government in Gorakhpur and elsewhere has prevented Samajwadi Party candidates from filing nominations for the election of the district panchayat president. This is a new administrative tactic to win the election of the defeated BJP. The number of panchayat presidents BJP will make in the public assembly. Will not even give that much seat. In Gorakhpur whose video Akhilesh Yadav has tweeted, he had fielded Jitendra Yadav. Akhilesh Yadav has alleged that when Jitendra Yadav was going to file his nomination today, the police forcibly stopped him. Took it and did not allow to file the form Due to which BJP’s Sadhna Singh won the election unopposed.

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