UP Corona Crisis: 31 people lost their lives in this month of Jaunpur High Court reprimanded UP Govt – UP Corona Crisis: 31 people lost their lives in this village of Jaunpur, High Court reprimanded


Bijnor district hospital is full of Kovid marriages. Both the patient and the Timardar are worried here. Timardar says that the staff does not work. Rohit Kumar, who is undergoing treatment for his mother, said that his mother is serving in a government job in the hospital itself. They are also not getting treatment in the manner. No staff was ready to come in if an injection was needed. No one is coming to change the oxygen cylinder too.

At the same time, the hospital staff says that the staff here is very less according to the number of marriages. It is not possible to get treatment in such a small staff. Health worker Suryapal Singh said that staff should be different in three wards. Now there are two staff. There are three wards to see. There will be problem. There are at least 30-30 patients in each ward. Some have 30, some have 22, some have 28.

Bad health facilities in Bijnor

Bijnor city has a population of 925312. There is not a single hospital of level 3 here. There are only 150 beds in 3 government hospitals. There are only 5 BiPAP and 2 Nasal Cannula. At the same time, the population of rural Bijnor is around 32 lakhs. Here there is 10 CHC i.e. 1 CHC for 3 lakhs. There are only 30 beds here for a population of three lakhs. There are 17 oxygen concentrators for 300 beds. There is not a single BIPAP, nasal cannula. There are only 250 oxygen cylinders on 300 beds.

Corona havoc in Jaunpur

31 people died in a month in Pilkichha village of Jaunpur. Most had corona symptoms, but were not tested. Three people died at Bhawani Prasad Sharma’s house. First brother Prem Sagar Sharma, daughter-in-law Ragini Sharma and then wife Geeta Sharma passed away. Bhawani Prasad Sharma said that the district hospital is running all closed. Tried to contact Hart’s doctor. Entire hospital closed. Private doctors were also doing this by looking at it.

A crowd of dead bodies in the village crematorium

The whole Pilkichha village is frightened by the deaths. The crematorium of the village is also in bad condition, people from other areas are also coming for funeral in large numbers. Teacher Renu Yadav also lost her life due to Corona. His duty was in the Panchayat elections. The symptoms of Corona came and he died after a few days of illness. Renu’s husband Ram Prasad Yadav said that Renu had trained on the 12th. After that she did not go anywhere, was at home. Used to go to school, then back home from school. There was fever and pain all over the body. City scan was done, later on the second day there was a problem of breathing.

Asha workers have the responsibility of making testing and awareness of Kovid

Doctors of the area’s Khuthan Primary Health Center say that the SDM had a meeting in this regard. Asha workers were entrusted with the responsibility of testing people in the village and spreading awareness among them. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rawat said that all the Asha Sanganis have been asked to spread awareness about the symptoms of corona in the area, cold, cold, fever, breathlessness. Along with this, medicine has also been asked to be given and examined. So that serious patients can be identified and they can be given treatment as soon as possible.


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