UP bulandashahar DM faces patients with serious complaints in his covid-19 hospital visit – UP: No food facility in Corona hospitals, patients told by DM – We are not begging


Actually, DM Ravindra Kumar came to inspect Khurja's SSMJ Hospital. This is L1 hospital, where patients without symptoms of Kovid are being kept. During this time, the patients told him their grief. While some patients questioned the quality of food, some also said that they are being made to feel like beggars. The patients said that they are given breakfast in polythene and the quality of food is very poor.

Standing at some distance, listening to the complaints, a patient told the DM, 'If I asked for milk from someone, someone was sitting here in the corner, he said – what is the noise? So I said that there is no noise, they are asking for milk for their child, not begging. We are from a good family. You can ask for 500 liters of milk here, but you are still compelled. We are leaving from here in a couple of days, but we request you to join hands and improve the food system here.

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DM had taken the media with him, where the dialogue between them has been recorded-

DM (from officers) – Where does food come from?

Officer- ((unclear))

DM (from patient) – What do you get for people?

patient- In the morning we are given porridge in polythene. One day gram was added to the halwa.

DM (from officers) – Why do food in polythene? Why not provide packed food?

Officer- ((unclear))

patient- Sir dal is also like water. The quality of food is very poor, how much should I complain?

DM- Came here yesterday for CMS inspection? Did they get any feedback from you?

patient- No.

DM (from officers) – Please call CMS in my office in next 30 minutes.

DM (from patient) – Food will improve. There is a middleman in the middle, so there is such a problem here.

patient- Yes sir, we will leave from here in a few days but we want the situation to improve here.

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