UP Baghpat Harendra Chacha Now Trending On Social Media Funny Video Goes Viral Explains About Fight – People crowded after seeing Baghpat’s uncle, asked – Do you even sell hair … – gave such an answer


On seeing uncle, people started gathering, asked – ‘Do you even sell hair …’ – gave such an answer – see video

In Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, a chaat wale called a customer of another chaat. Then what was left. War broke out for licking a leaf. The video of the fight went viral and the fighting uncle became the subject of discussion. People started calling him Einstein’s uncle and Andtekar on the Internet. After the fight, they were taken to the police station, whose picture went viral. Where he was seen sitting. As soon as he came out, people surrounded him and started asking questions. IAS Officer Awanish Sharan has shared this video on Twitter.

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As soon as he was seen outside, people surrounded him. One person asked, ‘Where are you from?’ On which he said that I belong here. When asked why do you have so much hair, he replied, ‘I am a priest of Sai Baba, because of this I am kept.’ After this a person asked, ‘Do you even sell hair?’ On this he said – ‘Bal Bika Kare Hain Kya …’ after which he told that there was a fight behind the customer. He called his name Harendra.

While sharing the video, Avneesh Sharan wrote in the caption, ‘People are troubling them again by asking so many questions. Wrong thing.

See Video:

This video has been shared by Avneesh Sharan on 23 February. So far, there have been more than 18 thousand views. Also, more than a thousand likes and more than 100 re-tweets have been done. People have given fun reactions. Let’s look in the comments section. What did users say …



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