Unlock-2 begins today, religious places will open in Tamil Nadu with precaution – Unlock-2 begins today, religious places will open in Tamil Nadu with precaution


Religious places will open in Tamil Nadu from today


Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in the country. In the midst of all this, the government has started Unlock-2 from today. Corona-affected state Tamil Nadu has issued guidelines for opening of religious places. However, the central government had given exemption to the state governments a month earlier. But till now religious places were not open in Tamil Nadu. Under the guidelines issued by the government, only those people with no symptoms of the disease will be allowed to enter religious places. Also, there are elderly, pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease, among other diseases, have been advised not to visit religious places.

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State Chief Minister E Palaniswami has said that the guidelines issued by the Center will be strictly followed. Also, touching of idols, distribution of offerings, offering coconut and sprinkling holy water is not allowed. Also, people have been advised to avoid shaking hands and hugs. It has been said in the guideline that people leave their shoes in the car and bring a seat together to pray. Also, singing is not allowed at religious places.

Officials said that devotees at religious places would have to wash their hands at the entrance of the building, use masks, and keep them at a distance of 2 meters from each other. It will be the responsibility of the officials there to make people implement the guidelines. Significantly, the central government also took Corona

VIDEO: Government released guidelines regarding unlock 2, applicable from July 1


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