Unique Fire Dosa Of Indore Is A Street Style Delight See Viral Video

This is how Fire Dosa is prepared amidst the flames

Dosa is a South Indian recipe, but now it is liked all over the country. From schezwan dosa to cheesy chili dosa, we have seen many interesting and unique dosas videos being made by the chefs. The versatility of the dosa also amazes the avid eaters with its countless variations. A video recently made viral by an Instagram food blogger is in the news. A unique ‘fire dosa’ is made in a restaurant in Indore which has created panic on social media. This shopkeeper’s style of making dosa is unique.

Watch Video:

This video has been shared by famous food blogger ‘Foodie Incarnet’. The video has been viewed more than 6 lakh times since it was posted. The price of Anokhi Fire Dosa at Dosa Craft in Indore is Rs.180/-. The interesting thing about Indore’s special dosa was the way it is cooked – with huge flames coming out from all sides.

Firstly the pan is heated on high flame and dosa batter is spread on it. Various spices, vegetables, cheeses and sauces were added to the Corn-Cheese Dosa. The masala was prepared and spread on the dosa, after which the fire dosa was cut into pieces. Now, the dosa is cooked on high flame with the help of a table fan. The dosa was garnished with grated cheese and served in the form of rolls.

How interesting and different, isn’t it? If you go to Indore then you must try this fire dosa once. What did you think of the unique recipe of dosa? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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