Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan asked in parliament VACCINE may available on New Year – Corona vaccine may be available in the country on new year, Health Minister said in Parliament – now 110 PPE kit producer in the country


new Delhi:

Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan said in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday (17 September) that trials for new vaccines in India have reached Phase 1 and Phase 3. He said, "An expert group is studying this under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi … I hope the vaccine should be available in India by early next year … We are also coordinating with WHO." " Giving information about the steps taken by the government to prevent corona infection, he said that initially there was only one testing lab facility but now it has been extended to 1700.

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The Health Minister said, there are 110 companies making PPI kits in the country today. The number of ventilators producers in the country has also increased to 25. There are also 10 big producers of N95 masks. Earlier, we had to depend on imports for ventilators. The Union Minister said that the Central Government never discriminated against the states.

However, he admitted that the lockdown caused some inconvenience to migrant workers for some time, but the Union Home Ministry took timely initiatives to transport around 64 lakh migrant workers to their home state via trains.


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