Unhappy marriages increasing male death rate by 19 percent says Israeli study | Stress in married life is as deadly as cigarette smoking; The risk of death from stroke in such men is up to 69%; Their death toll increased by 19%

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  • Unhappy Marriages Increasing Male Death Rate By 19 Percent Says Israeli Study

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  • Research by scientists of Tel Aviv University of Israel
  • Researchers said, happy married life is also important

Being unhappy in marriage not only increases the stress but also increases the risk of death. Men who are not satisfied with their marriage are more likely to die from stroke. Death figures in such men have come up to 19 percent. Scientists from Tel Aviv University of Israel have made this claim in their research.

Need to start marriage education program
Researcher Dr. Shahar Lev-Arie says, the thing revealed in the research is shocking. For men who are not satisfied with their marriage, the risk of death is as deadly as cigarette smoking. In their research, researchers have suggested that there is a need to start a marriage education program for married people.

such research
Researchers studied 3 decades old health data of 10,000 people who died of sudden death. Research has revealed that if married life is unhappy, then the risk of death due to stroke or heart attack is up to 69 percent. This rate is comparable to the risk of premature death due to cigarette addiction, distance from exercise. According to the researchers, 19 percent of those dissatisfied with the marriage died in 32 years.

It is very important to be happy in married life
According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, health officials encourage people to exercise and distance themselves from smoking, but now there is also a need to give advice on how to be happy in married life.

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