Unemployment rate is starting to come down in unlock, then why is unemployment day trend in place of greetings on Modi's birthday? Youth angry with Narendra Modi | Unemployment rate is starting to come down in unlock, then why is unemployment day trend in place of greetings on Modi's birthday?

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  • Unemployment Rate Is Starting To Come Down In Unlock, Then Why Is Unemployment Day Trend In Place Of Greetings On Modi's Birthday? Youth Angry with Narendra Modi

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  • #NationalUnemploymentDay trended on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday
  • Many Congress leaders including Rahul questioned the increased unemployment rate

He is greeted with congratulations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 71st birthday. On the other hand, unemployment day is also trending on social media. The BJP is celebrating Modi's birthday as a service week from 14 to 20 September. At the same time, all the leaders of his party, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, are celebrating this day as unemployment day.

On Twitter, #NationalUnemploymentDay #Unemployment_Day #National_Berezgari_Divas remained the top trends on Thursday. In such a situation, the question arises what is the truth? Is the unemployment rate really increasing? Are the youths really angry with Modi, which the Congress is trying to take advantage of?

Is unemployment really increasing?

  • The Indian economy has suffered a lot due to the lockdown. The NSSO figures show that the GDP growth rate for the April-June quarter reached -23.9% for the first time. Certainly, this effect is also visible on employment.
  • Center for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. (CMIE) figures show that the urban unemployment rate reached 24% in April and May during the lockdown. However, the situation is improving now. In July, the unemployment rate fell to the January-February level ie Kovid-19. However, there has been a slight increase in August.
  • According to CMIE, the 30-day moving average of the unemployment rate from August 28 to September 7 was above 8%. But, after that it is declining. On September 16, this average has come down to 7.30%. It is also declining in urban rate (8.92%) and rural rate (6.55%).

This can be 4 reasons for the displeasure of youth with Modi government

  1. Despite the fear of Kovid, the test had to be given: Even after Kovid-19 was feared, students had to participate in engineering and medical entrance exams – JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, NEET – as well as final year exams. The youth are angry with the Modi government for what the central government said in the Supreme Court in this regard.
  2. 35% of those who lost jobs 20-25 years of age group: The 20 to 25 year age group employees make up 9% of the total workforce. In the second quarter, those who lost jobs due to Kovid-19, have the highest share of 35%.
  3. 11.5 lakh jobs in formal sector: CMIE director Mahesh Vyas says that India's Democratic dividend is becoming a problem for him. Due to Kovid-19, 11.5 lakh people have lost their jobs in the formal sector. One-third of them were under 25 years of age.
  4. Youngsters are at the top of cost cutting: Those who suffer the least during the economic crisis are the least experienced and in cost cutting companies always reduce such people first. This is one of the major reasons for youth below 25 years of going to jobs.

This is how unemployment day is trending on twitter



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