Ultra-white Reflective Paint By Purdue Scientists Enters Guinness World Records; Has Potential To Cool Buildings in Future | American scientists made the world’s whitest paint, it reflects up to 95.5% of the sun’s rays and does not allow the room to heat up

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  • Ultra white Reflective Paint By Purdue Scientists Enters Guinness World Records; Has Potential To Cool Buildings In Future

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American scientists have created the world’s whitest paint. Due to this quality, its name has been recorded in the Guinness World Records. Professor Jiulin Ruan of Padrew University, who prepared it, says that this paint can prove to be effective in fighting global warming. This paint is so white that it reflects 95.5% of the sun’s rays falling on the wall painted with it.

Such a room can be cooled
According to the group of researchers who prepared it, this paint can be painted on the roof of the building and the walls of its side. This paint will naturally cool the interiors of the walls.

According to research, the strongest rays of the sun fall on the roof of any building or house. This paint will reflect these rays. If this happens, there will be no need for expensive air conditioners. Air conditioners play a big role in greenhouse gas emissions. which is a threat to the environment.

Paint can be prepared cheaply and easily
Researchers say, there is calcium carbonate in this paint. This chemical is found in limestone and chalk. Calcium carbonate has been used in large quantities in this paint. This chemical is cheap, so it will be easy to make this paint available on a large scale at an affordable price.

Our paint is cheaper and easier to prepare than commercial paint, says Ruan. It can also last for a long time on the walls.

Paint can be used here too
According to Ruan, it is a cooling paint. Apart from walls, it can also be painted on cars and towers. However, it can cause problems in the winter season and prevent the rooms from heating up. This paint can lower room temperature up to 18 degrees.

made of paint
According to Professor Ruan, when we started working on this project seven years ago, we had issues like energy saving and climate change in our mind. Barium sulfate has been added in high amounts to this paint which is used to whiten photo papers and beauty products. In addition, all the barium sulfate particles are of different sizes and each particle converts a different amount of light. The larger the particle, the more light it will convert.

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