Two policemen beat a young man for not wearing a mask in Indore Video Viral


Two policemen beating a young man fiercely.


In Madhya Pradesh (Indore), two policemen beat a young man fiercely for not wearing a mask in Indore (Indore). It is said that a 35-year-old man from Feroz Gandhi Nagar, whose name is Krishna Keyer, is an auto driver. He was going to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon to give his father a tiffin. Krishna told that at that time he was wearing a mask, but it was slightly below his nose. On this, both the policemen talked about taking him to the police station. When Krishna talked about going to the police station, both the policemen Kamal Prajapat and Dharmendra Jat started fighting and the fight was also so badly that you can clearly see in the video.

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These policemen did not stop here, they also assaulted the women of their family. He also called the police force and took them all to the police station. During this, Krishna’s son also kept pleading with the policemen repeatedly to save them, but the heart of these policemen did not budge. When this video went viral (Police Viral), the police officers have suspended both the policemen while taking action.

At the same time, despite the rising outbreak of Covid-19, more than 250 people who have avoided wearing masks in public places here have had to face jail in the last five days. A senior officer of the jail department gave this information on Tuesday. Rakesh Kumar Bhangre, Superintendent of the Central Jail, said that on the orders of the administration, a community guest house in Snehlatganj area has been made a temporary jail. This jail has the capacity to hold 300 people at a time. “Within the last five days, a total of 258 people from different areas of the city were brought to temporary jail under Section 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) (Precautionary arrests to prevent cognizable offenses),” he said. is. These people were roaming in public places without wearing masks. ”

Bhangera said that people who reached the temporary jail on avoiding the mask are usually being released after three hours. Earlier, he was being charged with a surety that he would follow all the guidelines to protect Kovid-19. He said that 15 staff have been deployed in the temporary jail and CCTV cameras have also been installed to keep an eye on the prisoners. .

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Significantly, Indore is the most affected district of Kovid-19 in the state, where the number of epidemic patients is constantly making new records. According to officials, during the last 24 hours, the district has received 805 new epidemic patients, which is the highest ever number of cases on a daily basis. A total of 74,029 patients of corona virus infection have been found. Of these, 977 people have died during treatment.

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