Two brown bears were seen eating honey people made funny reactions watch video – In Zoo, bears showing honey lying on the ground, fiercely honey party, people said- How Cute


Zoo saw honey lying on the ground, fiercely honey party

If you like going to the zoo and watching animals, then you will definitely like this video. A video is going viral on social media, seeing which you will remember your childhood. In childhood, we all like animals like elephants, bears, lions and monkeys and we all have seen a lot of videos on TV. Recently, a zoo has shared a video of two brown bears on its official Instagram account. In this video, both these bears are seen eating honey. People are very fond of this video of these bears.

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This video was shared by Bronx Zoo on his Instagram account on 11 January. With this video, he wrote in the caption, “When brown bears get honey. Some facts are why they like honey. Because they like sweet things. ” It has been further told that, ‘The thick fur of brown bears also protects them from bees’ bites. Because they are very dense and thick, which does not allow the sting of bees to enter their skin.

Seeing both the bears in this video, it looks as if they are having a party and are enjoying a lot by eating honey in the party. People are enjoying this video very much. This video has been viewed more than 18 thousand so far and many likes and comments are also coming on the video.


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