Twitter User tweet about Eating Pizza With Diet Coke is viral on internet see peoples reactions


New Delhi:

Nowadays everyone wants to look different and better in the crowd of people. In this desire, people also pay special attention to their diet. But still we all have some unhealthy favorite dish, which we cannot live without eating. But the funniest thing is that some people remove sugar completely from their diet for fear of being obese, but still consume high calorie foods like pizza or burgers etc.

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These days a similar tweet is also becoming very viral on social media platform Twitter. The user told through his tweet how watching a baking show while running on the treadmill is like eating pizza with diet coke. The user tweeted, “Is watching from the Great British Baking Show Treadmill the same as eating pizza with Diet Coke? Guilty for both”

The Twitter user has given a reference to the popular British reality series through his tweet here, in which competition among home bakers is shown. The 11-season series is one of the most loved hit shows among foodies due to its catchy content, passion-filled creators.

Viewers like the new and tasty dishes made by the contestants in the show. Twitter user Claire told how she used to watch the show running on the treadmill, which is exactly like eating pizza with diet coke.

Many people are able to relate themselves to this Claire’s tweet, because it happens sometimes in everyone’s life. Claire’s tweet has received more than 17 thousand likes and people are sharing their experiences through the comments section.

See people’s reactions here

One user commented on the tweet, “You are a girl like me. On Tuesday I walked 4 miles and then ate a whole bag of crunchy cheetos – 9 servings really ???”



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