Twitter Officers Summoned On June 18, IT Parliamentary Committee Gave Instructions Regarding New Digital Rules

Amidst the Twitter controversy, the rules of digital companies (Digital Rules 2021) have been implemented.

New Delhi:

Twitter, which is reluctant to accept the new IT rules, has been directed by the parliamentary committee to appear on June 18. The Standing Parliamentary Committee of the Ministry of Information Technology and Information has given this direction to the social media company. Company officials have been called at 4 o’clock. Apart from Twitter, most digital companies including Facebook, Google have already implemented all the steps, including the Chief Grievance Redressal Officer, as per the new rules. But Twitter initially bypassed these rules, but later after the government’s ultimatum, it appeared to bow down.

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In February, the government had introduced a new digital guideline for social media platforms and other digital companies. Under this, the guidelines for social media platforms were also revised. Under this, on the instructions of the government, the instructions to companies like Facebook, Google or Twitter to remove the content from their platform within 36 hours are also included in the new rules.


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