Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said I do not celebrate or feel pride to ban Donald Trump – no joy or pride in banning Donald Trump: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey


Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter. (File photo)


The outgoing President Donald Trump of America is surrounded all the way. On the one hand, the impeachment motion was passed against him, on the other hand he is being criticized everywhere on the violence in Capitol Hills Violence. MPs of his own party have left him against violence. The trump has also been banned on social media platforms. Twitter was the first to ban Trump, after which Facebook, Instagram and then YouTube also banned Trump, citing civil security. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made his remarks on the banning of Trump a while ago.

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Jack Dorsi tweeted, ‘I am not celebrating or not proud of banning Donald Trump from Twitter. We took this action after warning. We made a decision with the best information based on physical security threats both on Twitter and externally. was it right?’

Jack Dorsi further wrote, ‘I believe this was the right decision for Twitter. We faced an extraordinary and volatile situation, forcing us to focus all our work on public safety. The actual loss as a result of online speech is real and the ones who are supreme to implement our policies.

US: impeachment motion passed for second time against Donald Trump, 10 Republican MPs also against


Dorsi further wrote, ‘He said that banning an account has real and significant impact, though the clear and obvious exception is that I think the ban is ultimately a failure for us to foster better interaction and that our operations and The surrounding environment makes us face it.

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