truck overturned then driver lying and started talking on the phone IAS said – tell me who is on the call


When the truck overturned, the driver lay down and started talking on the phone, IAS said- ‘Tell me who is on the phone…’

Funny photos and videos are often viral on social media. We are often surprised by seeing them. One such photo is becoming viral on social media, by which you will be surprised and will not be able to stop your laughter too. This photo is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the photo, a overturned truck is seen and the driver of the truck near him is very comfortable lying and talking on the phone.

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This photo has been shared by IAS officer Arun Bothra. He has also given a very interesting caption with the photo. He wrote, ‘Its royal style only shows who is on the other side of the phone.’ See yourself in the photo, how the driver is lying in a very style near the overturned truck and is talking on the phone very comfortably.

People are very fond of this photo and are also posting their funny comments on it. So far more than 7 thousand likes have come on this photo. One user wrote, ‘Sir, this is the onion life.’ So the other user wrote- ‘Love is round, Babu Bhaiya.’


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