Troublesome mail and messaging between work from home, control user inbox; 4 ways to know how to handle your mailbox | Troublesome mail and messaging between work from home, control user inbox; 5 ways to know how to handle your mailbox


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  • Set a schedule between office and housework, so that messages from other places do not disturb at the wrong time.
  • According to experts, do not ignore every message, you may need some trouble.

Sara Aridi During the work from home, things like digital communication ie e-mail, video conferencing have increased a lot. Not only this, besides the mail of office and children's school, you are also constantly getting news messages. In such a situation, if you want to handle the message better then you have to be a little productive. Some tips from experts can help you in this work.

Unscrew the message

  • Many people respond to any mail as well as work. At one time they are answering the mail from the children's teacher, and the next moment they join the conference call.
  • To avoid such things, set a digital schedule that tells when you are working and when to deal with personal matters. Read about the news in the morning, so that you do not have to watch the news in the middle of work.

Talk to colleagues

  • Talk to your students, office colleagues or child teachers about your response. Lynette O'Keefee, director of research and innovation at the Online Learning Consortium, says that "set expectations for everyone." This will help you reduce the number of messages. Let your colleagues know that your schedule will not match with others.
  • "We are expected to be more available. We have a lot more responsibilities and our lives are cluttered," says Ioana Litterate, a professor of communication at Teachers College at Columbia University. Keep this in mind and let everyone know how you want to get in touch. If you are afraid that the child will spoil the zoom meeting, tell the boss that you want to make an audio call.
  • You may feel compelled to reply to a Twitter message, mail, or Slack message, but Professor Diane Bailey at Cornell University says it's important to remember that "the thing that is disturbing for you is for someone might help."
  • Some requests are necessary, while some are not. Think when you will be able to make time to help others and when you will have time for yourself. For example if you have an hour to finish a job, close the email and do not open until the work is completed.

Control inbox

  1. The best way to empty your inbox is to unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list. In Gmail and Apple mail, you can remove yourself from the mailing list with one click.
  2. You can also filter emails by sender and subject line. In addition, you can also create such a filter for your personal inbox, where there will be information about appointments or bills, so that your mail is not lost with others.
  3. If possible, bring your personal and professional email to the same inbox. If you have concerns about losing notes, put them in the same mail address. You can do this with the help of Gmail's feature option.
  4. Use the shared calendar instead of the mail to schedule meetings. In this calendar your coworkers will be able to see when you are free and can join the meeting. Apart from this, if you have to give the same kind of reply again and again, prepare a template. This will save a lot of your time.
  5. If you consider email to work as a to-do list, you will never be able to empty the inbox. It is common to have unread messages in the inbox. Use unread messages as a reminder.

Check out the digital tools included in your life
Doctor O Keefei recommends examining all the digital tools involved in your life. He said "Investigate and question yourself what is the use of these tools in your life." If you do not want to be on 24/7 call, stop work email and chat notifications once you stop work. If you take help of smart watch, remove it immediately after work.

Smartphones are very useful, but remember that you will decide how to use them. Doctor Litterate has stopped reading or watching anything on his phone. For this, they enlist the help of Kindle. If you are constantly lost on Instagram, Twitter, then unfollow accounts that are not very important for your life. Do the same with your apps.

Overall thing is that you will decide how often to see emails and news. It is better not to ignore the message of your students or boss.



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